GEM-EMA Reference Catalog (Taxonomy)

GEM Subject OID and Name
1. Enterprise Catalog (Taxonomy)
1.1. Location Catalog
1.1.1. Physical Location Geospatial Location Postal Location
1.1.2. Virtual Location IP Network Address Telephone Number Radio Frequency
1.1.3. Conceptual Location
1.2. Organization Catalog
1.2.1. Government Organization
1.2.2. Commercial Organization
1.2.3. NonProfit Organization
1.2.4. Private Organization
1.3. Organization Unit Catalog
1.3.1. Office Staff Office Program Office Project Office
1.3.2. Position
1.3.3. Team
1.3.4. Role
1.3.5. Group
1.3.6. Community
1.4. Function Catalog
1.4.1. Function Source OMB FEA BRM (Top Level Federal Functional Hierarchy) Business Area Line of Business SubFunctions Federal Department Functional Hierarchy Departmental Bureau/Agency Functional Hierarchy US NAICS Code US Standard Industrial Codes (SIC) Military Capability Codes
1.4.2. Function Reference (What) Policy Assignment (Who) Responsibility Performance Targets (Success Indicators) Budget Authority Boundaries
1.4.3. Mission Catalog Functional Planning Spiral Lifecycle Mission Vision Goal (Measurable) Performance Measures (Success Indicators, e.g., Objectives) OMB FEA PRM Measurement Area Measurement Categories Measurement Indicators Strategy (Portfolio) Performance Operations Assessment (Performance, Plan, Strategy, Value-Chain, SWOT, Risk, Vulnerability, and Mission)
1.5. Process Catalog
1.5.1. Functional Activity Decomposition (With attributes detailing how Activities are arrayed across Performers) Service (i.e. Performance) Level Management (SLM) Process (Functional Activity Performance) Procedure (Rules) (SRM Service Type) Template Forms, Reports, etc.) (SRM Service Component) Technology (TRM Item) Metadata (DRM Item) Controlled Vocabulary Functional Semantics OMB FEA SRM Service Domains (Major Categories of Information Products or Deployed Processes) Service Type (Types of Information Products or Deployed Processes) Service Component (Information Product or Deployed Process)
1.6. Resource Catalog
1.6.1. Life Forms Persons Working Animals Controlled Vegetation
1.6.2. Intelligence Monitored Situations Events Signals Meaning Data Metadata OMB FEA DRM Metadata (Description) Metadata (Context) Metadata (Sharing) Data ETL Data Transformation Semantic Transformation Controlled Vocabulary Term Inventory Term Definitions Taxonomy Thesaurus Concept Map (Associative Relation) Semantic Data Model Ontology Knowledge Base Virtual DB Information (Reports) Knowledge Awareness Decision Analysis Decision Decision-Results Resulting Situation Monitoring
1.6.3. Funds (e.g., from an Accounting General Ledger, U.S. Government Elements of Expense) Capability Operation and Maintenance Funds Capability Development, Modernization, and Enhancement Funds Capability Assessment and Disposition Funds
1.6.4. Skills Social Skills Cultural Skills Organizational Skills Technical Skills Techniques Technology Skills
1.6.5. Materiel (e.g., from U.S. Federal Supply Catalog) Equipment Information Technology Equipment OMB FEA TRM Technical Service Area Technical Service Category Technical Service Standard Controlled Technology Product Catalog (TRM) Vendor Brand Version Release Acquisition Source Office Equipment Factory Equipment Automative Equipment Military Equipment Other Equipment Supplies (e.g., from U.S. Federal Supply Catalog) Expendible Supplies Durable Supplies Non-Expendib le Supplies Computer Software
1.6.6. Facilities
1.6.7. Services
1.6.8. Space
1.6.9. Energy
1.6.10. Time
1.7. Resource Requirements Management
1.7.1. IT Product Inventory Vendor Brand Version Release Acquisition Source
1.7.2. System Inventory
1.7.3. Application Inventory
1.7.4. Technology Time Phasing (Lifecycle) Technology Insertion and Deprecation Product Evaluation Process
1.7.5. IT Development and Implementation (CMMI) Infrastructure (System of Systems) Engineering System Engineering Software Engineering
1.7.6. IT Operations and Maintenance (ITIL)
1.7.7. Records Management and Asset Management
1.7.8. COOP Capability Functional Continuity Leadership Continuity and Succession Management Continuity and Succession Workforce Continuity and Succession